Käsämä clay masks

  • Käsämä Clay masks from Karelia, Finland
  • Get your skin cleansed & purified for bright, healthy complexion
  • 100% natural ingredients bring out the natural beauty of your true self

“Cleansing and moisturizing, the skin tone was smoothed and it was surprisingly well suitable also for my couperose skin. Good also for very sensitive skin. Simply the best mask I have ever tried on!” – Ciia

“After the first use I noticed a clear diminishing in size of the open pores and on the second time the effect was even more pronounced and my skin was much less greasy, so I am really happy with the product.” – Sari

“I have a mixed type complexion and especially on the bridge and sides of the nose and the chin there are usually impurities and enlarged pores. Already after the first application of the clay mask, the pores became smaller, impurities were gone and the skin was left smooth and clear.” – Karolina